Being a complete development studio lets us support you in any aspect of game development.

Our ever-growing team contains programmers, artists, game designers, QA testers and managers with experience from AAA development like Mafia III, Space Engineers and DayZ.We can help you with porting, AI, online multiplayer, code reviews.
We can take over projects in trouble, or support developers of ongoing projects.
Our flexibility, skill and ability to adapt to any situation and requirement make us a partner that can handle any task.


We are very interested to hear more about your project!

Strong in-house development capabilities

Software-engineering focused studio, with major C++ coding experience, Unreal Engine 4 expertise and skills in demanding engineering tasks, such as AI, online development, optimisations

Adaptation and porting services

GRIP is the go-to partner for porting and adaptation for several long-term clients, providing platform adaptation, compliance development and QA, bug-fixing, technical reviews, etc. Excellent knowledge of all the relevant gaming platforms compliance requirements. Great knowledge of PC development and hardware.

Co-development and support

Aiding the development needs of developers and publishers in the form of co-development, Asset development, Concept art, 3D modeling, Animations, Environment art/lighting, post-launch servicing of games (patches, new features, new content, etc).

Internal Quality Assurance

Experienced internal QA team ready to support our development services with Game testing, Localisation testing, Platform compliance testing, User testing without the need to rely on external QA.

Team and studio benefits
Flexibility and dedication

The structure, expertise and mentality of the team offers us a great flexibility to adopt the development to any technology and project style.
Coming from indie games development, our team and processes are flexible and adaptable to any client need, we are extremely effective in what we do and we have a mindset focused on delivering.


Our engineers are experts in Unreal Engine 4, Unity, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, Windows, Mac, Linux
Strong C++, C# skills, Multiplayer implementation, Engines / rendering, AI, Backend

Workfolow and processes

The production team has proven skills to work in international environment.
Technical pipeline and development workflow is based on AAA industry standards (YouTrack, Confluence, PlasticSCM, Perforce, Build and deployment servers, Security rules, Continuous integration, Cisco-based infrastructure, team members with AAA experience... ) 


Lead Designer of DayZ from Bohemia Interactive

Central Europe technology evangelist for Epic Games

Creative leads from Walt Disney game studio 
Space Engineers) staff

Former Mad Fingers (Dead Trigger, Shadow Gun) staff (mobile development)

Former Keen Software House (Former 2K Czech (Mafia series) engine team staff

QA and Submission managers with 5+ years experience with Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo platforms

self-published titles
years on market
projects worked on